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Reasons to Use Asphalt for Paving

Since its widespread usage in the 19th century, asphalt has become one of the most common materials in the paving industry. Today, it is still the best option.  

However, what makes asphalt so ideal in the driveway, parking lot, and road construction? Of course, there are a lot of benefits you can get if you use asphalt.  

Whether you’re planning to replace an old driveway or install a new one, asphalt is perhaps one of the options you’ll consider. It’s less prone to cracking and it’s more flexible. If you want to know more about paving, visit

If you want to know the reasons why you should use asphalt, here are several things to consider: 

How Long Does an Asphalt Paving Last? 

Usually, asphalt pavements last around 20 years or more. This depends on how well they’re maintained, the usage they obtain, the climate, and the quality of the installation. Just like any material, you can increase the lifespan of your asphalt pavement if you take care of it properly.  

You can use your asphalt pavement forever. This is particularly true if you don’t mind having an ugly driveway or parking lot filled with potholes and cracks. However, if you really care about aesthetics, then you will need to replace asphalt pavements after 20 years.  

Low Maintenance 

While asphalt pavement needs regular maintenance if you want to increase its lifespan, it doesn’t require extensive time or labor. Simple asphalt maintenance includes fixing damages immediately, regular sealing, and more.  

Other things you can do to maintain your asphalt pavement include periodic line striping, trash clearance, inspections, and periodic sweeping.  


You can recycle asphalt. Compared to other materials, it needs less energy to manufacture. In addition to that, professionals manufacture asphalt from other recyclable items, such as tires. Thus, it can help lower environmental waste.  

Asphalt has a smooth texture. This texture is ideal for the cars that drive on this surface. Therefore, you won’t have to maintain it more often. Because of that, your customers, taxpayers, and clients can save money in the long run.  

Improved Safety 

As mentioned above, asphalt is smooth. That is why your car can safely and easily move on this surface. It also has a dark color that can lower glare from the sun. This makes markings in the road more noticeable. It can also help prevent the accumulation of ice and snow since it helps melt them. Thus, it can guarantee safer driving.  

Asphalt is also flexible. You can add additives to the mixture depending on the local weather, expected weight endured, amount of traffic expected, and more. You can personalize asphalt to fit your unique needs.  

Efficient Construction 

There are a lot of reasons why asphalt paving is popular. However, most property owners like this material since they’re easy to install. Compared to other materials, asphalt takes less time to dry. That is why you can use it faster compared to concrete or other materials.  

This means fewer interruptions and delays for your business if you have commercial property.  

The Dos and Don’ts of Asphalt Pavement

Unlike other forms of paving, asphalt paving can provide the best ROI (Return on Investment). A well-constructed and well-designed asphalt pavement rarely require replacement or repairs. This is particularly true if you compare it to concrete pavements.  

When it comes to pavements, it can be extremely difficult to restore them once they reach the end of their lifespan. Because of that, you have to proactively maintain your pavement to enjoy the benefits of asphalt.  

One of the most crucial factors in keeping a smooth pavement is hiring a reliable asphalt paving contractor. You can visit if you want to know more. Once the installation is done, you need to know the dos and don’ts for effective maintenance. Here are some of them: 


Avoid driving on your newly paved surface for the first 24 hours. The first 24 hours after the installation of the asphalt pavement is called cure time. This will allow the asphalt to completely dry. Depending on the conditions, you might even have to wait for more than 48 hours.  


Do not ignore asphalt maintenance. One of the best things you can do to maintain your asphalt pavement is to invest in high-quality preventative maintenance. For those who don’t know, regular maintenance and cleaning can greatly increase the lifespan of your asphalt pavement. This will help you get the most out of your investment.  

Nowadays, there are a lot of guides online on how to take care of your pavements. All you’ve got to do is to do your research.  


Use sifted topsoil for your new asphalt. This is particularly true if you haven’t utilized sod for landscaping. Several types of soils can react with asphalt. If this happens, it can result in small flaking at the bevel edge. Thus, it’s crucial to use sod.  


You should not seal coat your new asphalt pavement for at least 2-3 years. If you apply it too soon, the additives in the sealcoat can lead to cracks. Professionals recommend that you sealcoat the asphalt every 3-5 years. The job of this coating is to protect your asphalt surface from harmful contaminants such as car fluids, water, and UV rays.  


Make sure you avoid oil spills on the surface of your asphalt pavement. For those who don’t know, oil can deteriorate the asphalt. If you allow oil spills to happen, they can result in cracks.  


Do not park your cars exactly in the same area all the time. It may lead to low spots or impressions on the pavement surface. Make sure you change the position of your vehicle now and then.  


As soon as you notice cracks, make sure you apply crack seal products right away. Over time, you may notice cracks on your asphalt pavement. Water can penetrate these cracks and deteriorate the stability of your pavement.  

If you choose to ignore small cracks, they will become potholes or alligator cracks. To avoid expensive repairs in the future, you should try to fix small cracks as soon as you notice them.  

Tips to Take Good Care of Your Asphalt Lot

Most of the parking areas are made from asphalt. Most of the experts also tell you that this is the best option that you can use when preparing for a driveway or a parking lot in your area. This can be very durable, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money for the installation or the construction of this one there. If you’re worried about the different temperatures and seasons, then this will be a good suggestion to use for a location that is not suitable for a definite temperature. 

Getting more ideas about asphalt at will let you understand more reasons to consider this one. Whether you’re thinking about a residential house where you need to build your walls and your driveways, this is a good thing to use. For those who are building their offices in a commercial area or buildings, that’s also a nice option. Many people from the construction industries will suggest using asphalt when making houses, churches, schools, and even those tall buildings.  

If you are curious about why many people would say that this one is a good choice and option to use, then we can give you some of them. The first one here is the standard for being saved. It can help you to manage the water and the different liquid that may absorb by the asphalt. It means that they are using this one because it is not that slippery as well. Some people will use a darker type of color for asphalt when it comes to water since it can help you melt the snowflakes and snow residues on the ground.  

The price of the asphalt wouldn’t hurt your pocket or wallet as well. This is affordable, and you can find this one easily in your hardware or location. That means you can buy this one sooner or later for your next project if you’re thinking about those people who are walking or driving their cars in the parking area, which is very noisy. Then this is the opposite when you use the asphalt. It can help to reduce the noise that those steps can bring and even for the traffic areas in your location.  

Of course, you need to be careful when choosing the type of asphalt that you are going to use. Remember, this is not only one, but there are many, many types and kinds of asphalt that you can use. You need to ask your contractor about the specific material you need to use for the asphalt. They can give you some suggestions about how to use or when to use it. Of course, this one can be prone to damage, too, such as the cracks. There will be some holes and even the failure of the base part. 

What Signs to Tell that You Need More Attention for Your Asphalt?

You need to have a very good eye for you to inspect the problems. When it comes to your properties, especially to the driveways and parking lots, this means that you need to know whether there is a problem or not. When the temperature changes or after every season. This will give you a definite saving when spending more money on the repair and replacement or maintenance. It’s hard to tell sometimes because we don’t have ideas, but proper research and knowledge will help you solve this problem. Everyone starts with nothing, so that is the same thing that you need to do as you have to get more information and details on what you have to do next. 

Of course, we cannot tell everyone the hacks or the definite problems of the ground. We don’t know exactly if it is because of the weather or the temperature or the possible intention of destroying the parking lot. It is nice that you know those reasons, but it is not acceptable that you will not do anything to repair it. You cannot just say that this is because of the nature of it’s just natural that there will be some cracks. It is fine if those are her lines only, but you have to do your best to solve it when things worsen.  

It is excellent that you will have a glimpse of the website to get to know more from them about what you can do before it becomes severe. They are giving different examples and how you will notice and identify the problems of your parking lots or the asphalt. It is a good idea that you will do this one whenever you have free time so that you don’t have to hurry by scanning or skim everything in there.  

The number one reason why we need certain attention to repair this one is because of the crack. Remember that crack can be dangerous. There are some cracks that they’re pretty small, and you can do your research on how you will reseal or seal code that one. But, unfortunately, we cannot prevent the cracks from happening as this is the nature of the materials, especially when there are changes and the temperature and seasons.  

It is a good idea that you will know if there are some problems with the drainage or with the pipes under the ground usually. This is the main reason why we have some cracks there. There is also a chance that if there are damages on the surface, the pipes will be affected. You can notice the changes in the color as well, which means that there is a chance that the material is starting to get worst. We can do some preventative ideas and help you solve this problem, but check with some experts around your area. 

Why Do We Need to Repair the Asphalt Sooner?

When there is a problem in your house, you have to repair this one to avoid future problems. This can be done if you know what you need to do or those preventive measures from your parents. Or maybe you have researched this one in advance. It is nice that you can check things on the Internet so that you won’t make mistakes or you have to ask the sales clerk where you bought your material so that they can give you some advice or suggestions about what you have to do. 

But you need to remember that not all repairs can be very good for your problems. You should know that not all DIY setup or process could be a good idea to save more money. It can make the situation even worse because you are doing the wrong things over and over again. If you believe that you have the ability and the skills to do the repairs on your own, then that’s good for you. This means that you don’t have to spend some money to pay someone to repair or replace the problems there in your house.  

Another problem that we cannot avoid is the crack and the hairline. Holes that we can see on our asphalt driveways. It would be very hard for us to repair this one since we don’t know how it is done. The next thing here is that we don’t have the complete materials and equipment to repair or seal coat this one. If you think that you need to hire someone to fix this sooner or later, then that’s the right thing you have to do. There is no other option for you to choose, but you have to check the website and book a service.   

You need to repair this one sooner because you are trying to maintain your parking area’s good status or condition. That means whether you have a car or not. You have to maintain the good standing ability of your ground. The next thing here is that you are trying to avoid the possible accidents that may happen there. It will be your main responsibility to consider the inspections and the checking of the problems.  

Replacement is fine, especially when you notice that all the things there in the materials are already damaged. But, come to think about the expenses and the cause that you need to prepare as well. It will not be a joke that you can replace it with a normal one or a cheaper one since you are aiming for something really good. If you believe that you don’t want to avoid those expensive replacements or repairs in the future, you have to do your very best to choose the right contractor who can help you.